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A young woman asked bernie a simple question during a rally at george mason university remaz abdelgader is a senior at the university, and a muslim she said that she felt “sick” because of the sheer depravity of the anti-muslim rhetoric being spewed out from many in the republican candidates. Muslims for bernie sanders 2016 8,525 likes 825 talking about this we're working to bring our sisters and brothers from the many diverse muslim. A christian, a muslim, and a jew go canvassing for bernie sanders it's not a joke it's a political and spiritual revolution. Bernie sanders put on a show as he pandered to a muslim student at george mason university wednesday regarding the phony charge of “racism” against muslims in this country a sanders supporter posted the video to. Christ might ask: “bernie, would you cross-examine a muslim who believes every jew, christian, and non-muslim are infidels deserving of hell if not, why do you understand the basic beliefs of christians and muslims. Bernie sanders's religious test for christians in public office during a contentious confirmation hearing, the vermont senator questioned the faith of the nominee for deputy director of the office of management and budget.

Antifa, muslims and even bernie sanders: after the news broke that a gunman opened fire inside a texas church and killed half of the congregation, conspiracy theorists ran to their computers and televisions to attempt to pin the shooting on a variety of all-too-familiar (false) culprits—and even some out-of-the-box suspects it has become. Claim: senator bernie sanders proposed a bill requiring all christians who hold public office to wear a scarlet cross identifying them as hateful bigots. (jta) — rep keith ellison, the first muslim elected to congress, has endorsed sen bernie sanders for the democratic presidential nomination “this is not a ‘no you can’t’ campaign this is not a diminish your dreams kind of campaign this is a ‘believe in the possibilities we can do. Much to the surprise of many arab or muslim americans, bernie sanders being loved by the arab and muslim community in michigan around march 8 blew the minds of many americans after all, bernie sanders is jewish, and some americans seem to think that most arabs or muslims in america have a problem with people that are jewish. Democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders embraced a muslim student and referenced his jewish background in condemning all forms of racism in the q&a portion of a town hall meeting at george mason university in fairfax, virginia, wednesday night, hijab-wearing senior remaz abdelgader. Bernie is a millionaire socialist who publicly embraces sharing the wealth while privately practicing the religion of marxism by vacationing in a $600,000 summer home that's why vought's unwavering adherence to a set of principles is hard for bernie to grasp.

– sen bernie sanders foreign policy: strength through diplomacy senator sanders believes that the test of a great and powerful nation is not how many wars it can engage in, but how it can resolve international conflicts in a peaceful manner from the middle east, to ukraine, to north korea, to the south china sea, to civil war in the world. Arab-american muslim voters seal bernie sanders’ michigan primary victory the bernie sanders win in the michigan primary tuesday has sent media pundits and political commentators into a frenzy the statistics say it all: dearborn, mi resident democrats voted overwhelmingly for the democratic. Bernie sanders has shaken up the democratic party's internal debate about israel and has pro-israel supporters of hillary clinton worried.

Bernie sanders alludes to ridiculous 'muslims are the new jews' meme. Bernie sanders has once again proven how biased he truly is against christians he proved once more recently when he violated a constitutional mandate that you are not. Bernie sanders has conducted almost no outreach to jews instead his campaign has focused heavily on bringing in hateful muslim figures such as linda sarsour, who described throwing stones at jews as “the definition of courage”, and cair’s zahra billoo, who compared israel to isis. Hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o’malley were unified on one topic during the last democratic presidential debate of the year saturday night: the toxicity of donald trump’s proposed temporary ban on muslims entering the united states.

Bernie muslim

Sanders and clinton discuss their plans to defeat isis at the abc news democratic presidential debate. Watch: bernie sanders hugs muslim student, vows to fight racism as jew october 29, 2015 3:26pm — democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders embraced a muslim student and referenced his jewish background in condemning all forms of racism. Senator bernie sanders criticized a white house nominee wednesday over an article he wrote that appeared to defame the muslim faith during the nomination hearing, the vermont senator called out russell vought, who is up for deputy director of the white house office of management and budget, for an.

Bernie sanders and the mirage of religious freedom can religious freedom tolerate islam is the view that only christians can go to heaven an expression of islamophobia or is it just a basic tenet of (many denominations of) christianity or is it both. Bernie sanders slams donald trump for using brussels response to 'attack' muslim people. Related: bernie sanders to nab one of his biggest endorsements yet a narrow plurality of republican voters, 48%, hold unfavorable view of muslims compared to 43% who hold a positive view, according to a new nbc news/wall street journal poll meanwhile, 75% of democrats say they have a favorable view of muslims compared to 14% who say. Jameson was a bernie sanders supporter according to his facebook page which has just been deleted (below is a screenshot) the terror suspect was also a fan of many islamic facebook pages including “arabic islamic academic”, “the muslim street” and “islam’s dank meme stash. Bernie sanders alludes to ridiculous 'muslims are the new jews' meme absolute nonsense by any responsible measure his comment comparing trump's take on. Senator sanders is the longest serving independent in congressional history.

The portland killer who attacked good samaritans coming to the aid of two possibly-muslim teens is a white supremacist and bernie sanders supporter he showed up at an antifa-trump protest in march because he also hates antifas his facebook posts are all anti-trump and anti-hillary as well as. Bernie sanders delivered his long-awaited speech on democratic socialism last week, also outlining his plan for fighting isis sanders called for a broad international coalition but stressed that muslim nations must shoulder the fight, which he called a struggle for the soul of islam so far, he. Bernie sanders came down hard on donald trump during an appearance on cbs this morning friday for the gop frontrunner’s refusal to correct a man at his new hampshire town hall who stood up and called president barack obama a muslim who is “not even an american” “it think it’s a disgrace.

Bernie muslim
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